The Fani Foundation Organization Inc® National Board of Directors helps chart the Foundation’s mission and vision. It selects, evaluates, and supports the president and chief executive officer. The board also protects the Foundation’s assets enhances its public standing, ensures accountability, maintains legal integrity, and assesses its own performance.

The Chairman of the Board and the President and Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) are significant leaders of the Fani Foundation Organization. The
Chairman leads the Board of Governors in the governance and oversight of the organization. The President and CEO execute Fani Foundation Organization strategies and leads the operations and business activities of the company.

President and Founder: Esther Oluchukwu Okeke

Ms. Esther Oluchukwu Okeke is the President and Founder of Fani Foundation Organization, Inc. since its creation in 2007. She is responsible for the management of the internal and external operations of the company worldwide.

Esther is the former HIV/AIDS Counselor for Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Midrand, South Africa. From (2000-2004).  CEO and co-owner of NCO Travel and Tourism in South Africa have experience running large organizations in competitive industries, and a track record for improving business performance and service delivery to the public.

 Ms. Okeke earned a degree from the Washington International University at King of Prussia, PA, M.S in Computer Science & Information Technology, a degree from the University Of Central Texas, TX, B.S in Computer Science, a degree from Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counselor, a License Practical Nursing degree and also pursuing M.S.W in Social Worker.

Vice President: Maduka Joseph Enemuo

Mr. Maduka Joseph Enemuo is the Vice President of Fani Foundation Organization, Inc. since 2019. He was a survey facilitator and research coordinator for the school of medicine Las Vegas for some years which his responsible for the coordination, promotion, administration, analysis, and reporting of the institution’s internal and external surveys.

He manages the institution’s internal and external surveys assisting the management of the institution to make evidence-based decisions on matters of strategic importance.

Secretary & Public Relations

Amarachukwu Obiefoka is one of the Global Health Initiative Board Of Directors, since 2017. She is responsible for supporting high-level executives and management or entire departments.

Provides administrative support and performs numerous duties, including scheduling, writing correspondence, emailing, handling visitors, routing callers, and answering questions and requests. Plans events and volunteer activities.

​Coordinate travel arrangements; prepares itineraries; prepares, compiles, and maintains travel vouchers and records.

Amara is really the brain behind our operations of the company worldwide.